Monday, August 23, 2010

Weekend re-cap!

Busy weekend, with an even busier week to follow!
here goes....
Saturday I went fishing around 6 in the morning at my new place on the Trinity. I was hoping for a shot at some gar, buffs, or carp. I was not denied this time!
Even managed a nice Long ear, but not carp!
After that I headed to Whiterock Creek where I hooked up with the skinniest bass in the world...
whiterockcreekaug21 002
and a nice hybrid between a long ear and green sunfish...
whiterockcreekaug21 008
whiterockcreekaug21 011
Around 2pm, Emalie and I hooked up with the family for my fathers birthday party; Lunch at the Flying Fish. I had the worlds best craw fish gumbo and a basket of frog legs!
I woke up at 4am on Sunday, packed up the FJ and then headed south to pick up my friend Tom. Tom is the president of the Texas Historical Foundation, of which I am a board member. I took Tom the "trout bum" bream fishing at Six-O-Ranch, and 20 something coppernose later I think I have him hooked!
sixoaug22 003
sixoaug22 029
sixoaug22 030
sixoaug22 021
sixoaug22 036
Fishing slowed down around 9:30, so Tom being a good sport accompanied me to the Paluxy where we had plenty of shots at some very spooky bass, and where tom managed the biggest fish of the day...
paluxyaug22 (2)
I didn't do so bad either....
I'm out!!

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  1. Jonathan
    Awesome pics with some really quality gills. I must admit the carp has to be one of the uglist fish on the planet. Great post!