Tuesday, August 17, 2010

White Rock Creek

After work I headed over to White Rock creek, which runs not 1000ft from my house. First time down there, definitely going back. Thanks Austin!

Whiterockcreekaug16 022
Whiterockcreekaug16 027
Whiterockcreekaug16 026
An old dam?

White Rock creek has a long history as one of the main water supplies for Dallas. adjacent to downtown it is dammed to form White Rock lake, an old limestone quarry. White Rock creek cuts through that same limestone and shale that underpins most of the Dallas corridor from 635 on the east to the Dallas toll road on the west. Much farther west than that and you start to run into sandstone and flood plain deposits.

I went to the creek to catch a river carpsucker, didn't have any luck, but I did see some, as well as a lot of carp, channel catfish, and the various sunfishes and a bass or too. Hooked a couple nice bass on some small nymphs but lost them.

Whiterockcreekaug16 001
Whiterockcreekaug16 014
Whiterockcreekaug16 005
Whiterockcreekaug16 021
Whiterockcreekaug16 030
Whiterockcreekaug16 031

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