Monday, August 31, 2009

Athens with David and Sterling

Headed to Athens on Saturday with a couple friends. We all had a good time and caught quite a few nice fish.
athens 009.jpg
athens 010.jpg
Some nice gills were caught...
athens 007.jpg
athens 006.jpg
athens 005.jpg
athens 014.jpg
athens 008.jpg
athens 004.jpg
Caught a few small bass
athens 001.jpg

Friday, August 28, 2009

Fidel has grown!

My Cuban cichlid, Nandopsis tetracanthus, has grown quite a bit.


Monday, August 24, 2009

Lake Fork Suckfest.

Lake Fork and I just don't get along. Unless I am running a trot line, or the blue gill are really shallow. Neither was the case this weekend when Sterling and I ventured forth onto its discolored and apparantly fishless waters. Yeah we caught a few small things near the dock, but our hunger was not sated. Broken propellers, stranded in the lake, missing hitches, trench foot, heat, smelly rotting stuff. I will try to put this weekend out of my mind.

Hunched Shoulders and Dissapointment...

nicepumkin seed
Cute Pumkinseed or Redear?

Pretty Long ear
Long Ear....I'd like an aquarium of these!

Pretty Long ear

Hopefully I will have some luck closer to home this week.

Friday, August 14, 2009

And He Giveth Back!

Hit up my sweet spot again and tried a few different things. Had luck, caught 14 fish of various sizes. Here are a couple nice ones. I hooked a 3 or 4 lb bass in a "cove" type area. I got excited and horsed him a little too much and he came off the popper, or the popper wasn't hooked deep enough. Win some lose some! I will be going back in the next day or two to try for him again.



Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Well.....I guess I shouldn't brag about catching monster blue gills...
The lord giveth and he taketh away!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Dispatches from the North!

Its been a while since I have updated, but that is mainly be cause I have not fished since Emalie and I returned from NM. On saturday and sunday I remedied that!

I will not divulge my spot, but needless to say it is in far North DFW.

I arrived at the body of water around 3pm. The wind was blowing like crazy and really challenged my casting skill. I was on a grassy dam on the north end of a 200 acre or so municiple lake/pond. Id guess that it is around 20 feet in the middle with an average depth of around 8 feet at the sides. The edges are bricked, so there are only a ocuple spots with a natural shore line. The sides are rimmed with a very soft non-lure absorbing type of moss that provided tons of cover, but never snagged my fly.

I cast out about twenty feet and let my fly sink to a count of aorund "ten-onethousand" and almost everytime I cast I was rewarded with a Bluegill. A huge Bluegill. A monstrously Huge OMFG Bluegill. 2lb+

Enough talk, here are the pics!



One of the smaller fishes of the day

Product Placement
Boogle Bug
Last Giant before Home

More fishing later this week!