Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Monday, August 15, 2011

Pretty Much Epic

I left Emalie snoozing in bed around 4am on Saturday.

By the time I was passing through Downtown Dallas it was raining and my joy was mixed with the worry that it would screw up my fishing...

I arrived in Athens about an hour and 45 minutes later and was pushing the john boat, sans motor, into the drink about 6:30.

I was fishing a boogle bug popper with a #12 Surveyor Nymph w/tungsten head and after that got lost I switched to a #12 Silver Lightning Bug.

ClementsAug13th (89)
Red Spot Sunfish on a psych prince
ClementsAug13th (91)
ClementsAug13th (97)
ClementsAug13th (103)
ClementsAug13th (4)
Gill Zilla
ClementsAug13th (14)
ClementsAug13th (22)
ClementsAug13th (27)
Nice Native Strain Bluegill
ClementsAug13th (31)
ClementsAug13th (41)
ClementsAug13th (44)
ClementsAug13th (48)
ClementsAug13th (53)
Wedged my self here
ClementsAug13th (54)
Caught fish there
ClementsAug13th (55)

Fed a gator...
ClementsAug13th (72)
ClementsAug13th (82)
ClementsAug13th (81)
ClementsAug13th (84)

Sunday Emalie and I visited the Folks and she caught some little bluegills in the neighborhood...
Coppellaug14th (4)

Friday, August 12, 2011

More from Alaska

I am heading out to East Texas this weekend, hopefully I will have some nice gillPorn to post early next week...

Until then, enjoy some Pike!

Pat with Floater
My buddy Pat getting out of the float plane on Alexia Lake
Pat with ipke
His Biggest Snot Rocket
Here there be monsters
How come I can catch a dozen of these, but I can't catch a cahin pickerel for the life of me!?
PIke 5
Big Shallow Lake
Gotta love the Tyger Wire!
Pats first pike
Way to go Pasqual!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I love Umpqua Fly Boxes

I don't mean to gush but these are great fly boxes. I have owned C&F, Clifton, Orvis and a few others...but these Umpqua boxes are my new favorite.

  1. I like being able to see the flies through the clear case.

  2. The foam is really high quality and doesn't rip.

  3. Variety of sizes and layouts.

  4. Strong hinges and closing clasps.

  5. Aesthetically pleasing colors.

I need to try out their streamer/flats box


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I Can See It Raining Fire In The Sky

Emalie and I visited some friends in Breckinridge Colorado near the end of last week and over the weekend. We went on a float trip on the Colorado, did a hike up to an Alpine lake to search for Cutthroat and visited a mining museum. We also enjoyed the mornings that were 38 degrees...

August4th (41)
Colorado Brown Trout. Whater was high and muddy but we still managed a couple dozen fish...

DSC_0579 (5)
Em's big catch...

August4th (54)

august5th (24)
Hike up to Mowhawk lake...
august5th (68)
Don't go chasin' water falls...
august5th (8)
august5th (85)
Emalie and Rebecca making snow angels
august5th (127)
Emalie's Cutthroat
august5th (94)
Snow in August?

Hopefully doing some fishing this weekend.

Been reading a great book about the history of Area 51 by Annie Jacobsen, It is a very interesting historical account of many of our nations key moments of the last 60 years and the development of "Black Projects"

Good summer read.