Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sea Troutin'

Just got in from A trip on Sarasota Bay with Steve Gibson of Southern Drawl Kayak Fishing. Pictures to come soon....

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sunny Florida

I am in Clearwater this week and next.

Been going down to Ft. Desoto beach almost every day with mixed results.

I've caught a few nice lady fish, in the 1-2 foot range, pretty awsome and jumpy. I also what I think is some type of small mackerel, but I am not sure.

There is a storm comming in this weekend, so I am waiting to hear from Gibby about whether or not our snook and kayak trip will be scuttled....

please no, please no please no. Probably won't be able to post pics till I get back on the first. Keep checking every few days!

Welcome to my new readers!


Monday, July 12, 2010

Woe is Me

My little buddy, side-kick, partner in crime, the peanut butter to my jelly, the apple to my eye....Emalie has left me to house sit in Tyler for a week. By the time she returns I will be gone, the Florida, and won't return until the 31st...

I am already having withdrawls!

fish 027

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fourth of July Weekend

Emalie and I went down to Leakey, Texas to stay on the Frio and hang with some friends...

The heavy rains brought on by Alex put a bit of a damper on things but didn't wash away all the fun...

The B&B we stayed at...
The Frio River
Rio Frio Red Ear!
Pretty Long Ear?
Frio Red Breast
Map Turtle of some kind...

I managed one nice Bass on the Frio, but as luck would have it I wasn't able to get a picture. The river is literally full of fish. Many many good sized large mouths in some of the deeper sections.

On Sunday we left Leakey and started the voyage home...with some stops in between....

The Sabinal River in Utopia:
Sabinal Red Breast
Ended up catching a number of good sized Red Breasts and a couple Blue Gills before we hit the road again...

Medina River in Bandera:
After being frustrated by an unwilling spotted gar for about 20 minutes I landed this feisty bass below the dam at the city park.

After that we made our way to Pedernales Falls State Park and were dismayed to find the water really high and cloudy:
4th 008
This sad little green sunfish is all we had to show for our trouble...

We spent the night in Marble Falls and made our way to Lampassas on Monday:

Sulphur Creek in Lampassas (it smells like egg farts):
4th 015
4th 019
4th 013
Sulphur Creek LMB
4th 017
Emalie caught a Lepomis miniatus!
4th 021
Her second Lepomis miniatus!!! Sweet!

thats a wrap, and here is a scorpion from outside our Room:
4th 002