Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Feeling Squirrely

On Sunday I took Emalie Squirrel hunting on some public land near Lake Ray Roberts, and after a couple fruitless hours of scanning trees and walking through thorn bushes we came up empty handed.
To make up for it we visited the tailrace below the dam on CR455.
Elmforknov28 008
I hooked this nice white crappie right off the bat with a Squirrel hair spinner fly.
Elmforknov28 026
we each caught a few small white bass, Emalie caught the largest...
Elmforknov28 042
The drum fly strikes again!
The temps are dropping in North Texas and Pickerel fishing is starting to cross my mind.
Leaving for Las Vegas tomorrow.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Crappie Thanksgiving

I hope everyone is still stuffed to the gill with the gelatinized goodness which is canned cranberries....
My friend Austin was kind enough to invite me to fish with him while his family stayed at Rough Creek Lodge, so on Friday morning I hoofed it down to Glen Rose...
Rough creek is an 11,000 acre ranch/resort/fishing/hunting destination at the northern tail of the hill country right outside of Glen Rose. The beautiful lake on the property is actually a damed portion of the Bosque River.
The food in the lodge is wonderful and the accomodations look exceptional.
RoughCreeknov26 040
RoughCreeknov26 039
RoughCreeknov26 017
RoughCreeknov26 027
RoughCreeknov26 036
RoughCreeknov26 009
RoughCreeknov26 045
Austin's new PB black crappie
RoughCreeknov26 057
My new personal best 2lb+
RoughCreeknov26 050
RoughCreeknov26 069
RoughCreeknov26 075
This place is billed as a bass fishing paradise, but I had so much fun with the willing and fiesty crappie that I would go back just to catch them anytime.
I think we each caught over 40 black Crappie. The fish were biting on the blue bead head Theo's bomber and a couple black streamers that Austin tied.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

This Saturday my Dad and I went out and harvested a deer from our lease. I took the backstraps and prepared an excellent stew. The hocks and hams were taken to Kubys to be turned into Summer sausage.
Rockwoodnov20 014
My Ruger International .243 w/ Zeiss Conquest scope
Rockwoodnov20 003
Rockwoodnov20 017
Ahh yes, Quartering a deer in 70 degree weather.....
I took the rack to Flagg group, the same people that prepared my bobcat, so I could get it put on a plaque, my office needs a hat rack...
Last night I visited with Austin and caught a few bass in Coppell
Coppellnov22 017
I am heading to Tyler for Thanksgiving, and on Friday I will be Crappie fishing with Austin at Rough Creek Lodge. Many more fish pictures comming soon!
Check out http://www.tenandtwomagazine.com/ and let me know what you think about it.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


The guys @ Tailwaters said someone was trying to get ahold of me.
My Office # is 214-965-7668

Friday, November 12, 2010


The guys @ Tailwaters put on a kick ass showing of the Drakes Fly Fishing Film Tour Wed night. I and 300 other anglers were in attendance. Prior to the showing we hung out at Tailwaters and enjoyed some brews and conversation. Best fly shop in Texas.
Yesterday a team I assembled shot in the annual Boy Scout Clay Pigeon tournament to raise money for the Circle Ten Council. Seeing that I am an Eagle Scout and my father is on the Executive board, it was my honor to get to participate.
The Shooters:
Scoutshoot2010 128
Tom, Steve, myself and Ross
Tom is the president of the THF, of which I am a board member, and Steve is the Owner of Private Water Fishing http://www.privatewaterfishing.com/ , Talk to him if you want to know where to go to catch giant bass and bluegill on expertly managed private lakes in Texas. My friend Ross shot on the team last year and has even caught crocodiles with me in Costa Rica.
My team did a great job and I want to thank them for their participation!
Scoutshoot2010 102
P.s. (I won a guided fishing trip and a guided deer hunt on a private scout property! Boosh!)
Last weekend My father, brother and I went out to our lease in Rockwood off of 283. Saw a ton of deer and some feral hogs. I didn't see "the deer" so I am waiting to shoot one a couple weeks from now. I did manage to take a 150lb pig, rather small for the property, but one less of those destructive S.O.B.s to roam Texas.
Rockwood20101st 014
Some shots around the property:
Rockwood20101st 018
6 Point Buck
Rockwood20101st 021
Behind the dam
Rockwood20101st 005
Front pasture
Rockwood20101st 023
Hope to get some fishing in soon.
I have a couple trips lined up, only a matter of time.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Now you're gone, won't fall, fall in the fire
oh no, I am lacking, I want what I see
you fireball has rolled away, in shaded valleys
so here I am the creek bed, so here I feel my way in the dark
what wonder, what treasure map, what breaking of day
what stream used to flow here, and now what dusty decay
let the flash flood begin, wash me down there canyon
quicksand pull me in, blow over me solar wind
you're vultures in trees, I know you're out there
you're lanterns on lakes, I know you're out there
you're soccer balls on knees, through your skirt I see
youre legs gracefully, I know you're out there
you're swaying and pleased, I know you're out there
Emalie 2005?

Monday, November 1, 2010

Coppell Oct. 30th

Fished various neighborhood ponds in Coppell with Austin.
coppelloctober30 020
coppelloctober30 031
coppelloctober30 081
coppelloctober30 091
coppelloctober30 123
coppelloctober30 135
coppelloctober30 042
It seems that small and black is the go to over the last few days.