Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Feeling Squirrely

On Sunday I took Emalie Squirrel hunting on some public land near Lake Ray Roberts, and after a couple fruitless hours of scanning trees and walking through thorn bushes we came up empty handed.
To make up for it we visited the tailrace below the dam on CR455.
Elmforknov28 008
I hooked this nice white crappie right off the bat with a Squirrel hair spinner fly.
Elmforknov28 026
we each caught a few small white bass, Emalie caught the largest...
Elmforknov28 042
The drum fly strikes again!
The temps are dropping in North Texas and Pickerel fishing is starting to cross my mind.
Leaving for Las Vegas tomorrow.


  1. I just rode my bike across the damn at Ray Roberts a couple of weeks ago in the Denton Turkey Roll (I rode 37 miles). I remember looking down at the tailrace and wondering about the fishing. Looks like I need to go back. Any tips on parking, or access in general?

    Looks like you've been into some really great fishing lately. Take care,


  2. Its a great place. You just drive in to the tailrace on the south east side of the Dam. Its 5 bucks per person/vehicle. Don't pay and a ranger will leave you a ticket. Go the speed limit in the park. There are signs for parking when you pull in. Bring a sinking line, or something to get your fly down.

    good luck!