Friday, May 28, 2010

Last Few Days...Part 492854

churchcoppell 007

churchcoppell 004

Went to a new pond in Coppell with our friend the Pond Bass, who tied me some sweet gar flies!
churchcoppell 014
churchcoppell 010

There has beena change of plans and we area heading to East Texas once again!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Some Goals for the Summer

I have quite a few goals. Personal, professional, and

1. Catch a shortnose, longnose and spotted gar.
2. Catch a "respectable" catfish on the fly. One over 5lbs.
3. Catch a Flier.
4. Catch a freshwater drum.
5. Catch a smallmouth buffalo
6. Catch a common carp
7. Catch a Snook (while in Florida)
8. Catch a Snakehead (while in Florida)
9. Catch a "good" Rio Grand Cichlid
10. Catch another bowfin!

Emalie and I are heading to Rockwood this weekend. Going to be fishing the Llano, San Saba, the ranch pond and the Paluxy on the way home.


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Slow day

Mabye I am spoiled....
but last night the fishing at our Garland Pond left something to be desired. The water is getting low, the fountains were off, I don't know what it is, but all we caught were a couple bass, and we saw mabye one or two more the whole evening.

Emalie the 3wt princess still beat me

The boga was bigger than the bass
garland 001

Monday, May 24, 2010

Grindle or Grinnel?

This weekend was a blast. Heading to Tyler this weekend to see my grandparents, I was able to work in some thats a surprise?

Friday I hit up Tyler State park and managed to land a nice Warmouth.....Finally! He was the only fish I caught, but I left happy.
TylerState (2)

After Tyler State Park I ran over to Faulkner Park near Lindale for a few minutes. Got into some bream, but nothing to write home about....

The next morning I woke up and drove out to Lake Fork, the Lake Fork Marina boat slips specifically....
Booyah Achieved!

My first Bowfin on the fly. I was very stoked. The beast took an olive sculpin fly and we were off to the races. That fish fought more fiercely than any bass I have ever caught.

Glad I had the Boga:
Lakeforkmay10 (3)

10 minutes later and not 5 feet away I landed this 2lbr
Lakeforkmay10 (6)

I rounded out the rest of the day with an ass load of bluegill. I stopped counting at around 42.
Lakeforkmay10 (39)
Lakeforkmay10 (30)
not a bad spot...
Lakeforkmay10 (4)

the next morning I left Tyler at 5:30 and met my friend Dusty at Lake Athens. We had a blast, lots of laughs, a good lunch and a few fish in between.
LakeAthens (8)
LakeAthens (9)
LakeAthens (7)
LakeAthens (4)
LakeAthens (3)

Before heading back to Dallas I stopped by the AFFC and did my thing....

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

St. Marcos & St. Gabriel

On sunday we woke up and headed to the Comol, where we saw fish, but didn't even get a nibble soo...I don't really consider that river fished...I often do I get skunked? (not that often...)

The San Marcos on the other hand was loads of fun, though we didn't catch a cichlid...
Austin 029
Austin 022
Austin 031
SanMArcos (1)

Despite the swimmers and lack of cichlids it was a pretty good time.

The San Gabriel in Georgetown was much more enjoyable. Emalie out fished me with over 20 caught!
SanGabriel (2)
SanGabriel (8)
Austin 034

Can't wait to go back to the hill country.

More fishing this weekend....West Texas at the end of the month!

Monday, May 17, 2010

I-35 or Die Part 1

Emalie and I spent the weekend in the Austin area with our good friend Abby and her daughter Ashlynn. Much fun, food and fishing was had by all. This is Part one.

Traffic sucked on the way to Austin so we killed 30 minutes fishing on the Brazos where it flows beneath I-35. Caught this nice long ear and had a interesting chat with a guy using seine nets to collect fish.

On Saturday morning we went to the Renegade Craft Fair and bought some cool shirts and posters, having a great time.
Austin 002

Then we got Snow cones
Austin 012

After eating Emalie and I went wading in Bull Creek to see what kind of finny-fun we could find.
bullcreek (7)
bullcreek (8)
The fish started out small
bullcreek (11)
They got more respectable as we went farther upstream...
bullcreek (16)
bullcreek (18)
bullcreek (15)
bullcreek (26)

bullcreek (20)

More tomorrow

Monday, May 10, 2010

1 Weekend 4 Waters

I love weekends like this. family stuff punctuated by good fishing.

On Friday Emalie and I visited our church pond and had a good time.
weekend 001
weekend 004

On Saturday I woke up and went to McKinney and had a great time with a couple nice bass:

After a couple hours I cruised on over to Prosper and caught around a dozen nice bluegills. I saw quite a few more as well as what looked like a 5lb bass, but the wind foiled my cast, and one hung fly later my opportunity for a personal best was gone. Definitely going back there soon.

That evening we went to eat Pho @ L.A. Pho (formerly Saigon Pho) a restaurant I have been visiting since high school. They managed to mess up Emalie's order for the third time, but we will still be going back for more punishment.
After food we went to the pond nearby and caught around a half dozen bluegills and a bass before it became to dark.
weekend 007
I look high
weekend 013
Emalie's big greenie
weekend 014
Colorful BG

Sunday was mothers day and we spent some time with our respective maternal units at BJs and then at Zizikis ( a Greek place). A good time was had by all and we staved off disappointing our mothers for another year.

That evening I stopped by the church pond one last time and started throwing a mouse imitation. Caught 3 small bass and then headed home to watch LOTR Return of the King.
weekend 029
For Frodo!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cinco de Koi

Last night we went by the Church Pond after I got home from work. All the sunfish were up shallow defending their territories from encroachment. We cast zug-bugs, hares ears, half backs and a few minnow imitations and we caught around a dozen bluegills. I also managed a couple bass on an orange booglebug popper, and Emalie managed to hook me in the arm with a number 12 nymph of some sort. Had to push it through the skin and a friendly bait caster cut the barb for me. Didn't really hurt that much, but when she made her forward cast it sure did sting.

Anyways...not really an eventful evening....until....I saw the Koi.

I have been fishing here for a couple months. Ive seen a number of Koi quite a few times, and Every time I've chucked a "carp fly" at them they scatter. Who would have known a popper dropper rig with a "#12 yellow bullys bluegill spider" would do the trick?
CincodeKoi 018
CincodeKoi 020
CincodeKoi 021
CincodeKoi 030
CincodeKoi 033

Needless to say I was very happy. This is my first carp of any kind!