Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Some Goals for the Summer

I have quite a few goals. Personal, professional, and

1. Catch a shortnose, longnose and spotted gar.
2. Catch a "respectable" catfish on the fly. One over 5lbs.
3. Catch a Flier.
4. Catch a freshwater drum.
5. Catch a smallmouth buffalo
6. Catch a common carp
7. Catch a Snook (while in Florida)
8. Catch a Snakehead (while in Florida)
9. Catch a "good" Rio Grand Cichlid
10. Catch another bowfin!

Emalie and I are heading to Rockwood this weekend. Going to be fishing the Llano, San Saba, the ranch pond and the Paluxy on the way home.


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