Tuesday, May 18, 2010

St. Marcos & St. Gabriel

On sunday we woke up and headed to the Comol, where we saw fish, but didn't even get a nibble soo...I don't really consider that river fished...I mean...how often do I get skunked? (not that often...)

The San Marcos on the other hand was loads of fun, though we didn't catch a cichlid...
Austin 029
Austin 022
Austin 031
SanMArcos (1)

Despite the swimmers and lack of cichlids it was a pretty good time.

The San Gabriel in Georgetown was much more enjoyable. Emalie out fished me with over 20 caught!
SanGabriel (2)
SanGabriel (8)
Austin 034

Can't wait to go back to the hill country.

More fishing this weekend....West Texas at the end of the month!

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