Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What Do I Spy?

Why Sunfish nests!


The aptly named Mud Creek runs along Broadway in Tyler.

Watch out for joggers and the next Lance Armstrong.

Catching green sunfish is alot like picking your nose. It's easy, what you end up with is usually small, slimey and sometimes has a good bit of color to it!
(Thats the best I can do on Tuesday folks!)





Another shot of the Warmouth that people seem to really like.

TYler State April23 (25)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Beulah Land

Happy Passover & Easter

Went to Tyler this weekend to see the Family. Got a chance to do some fishing at Tyler State Park on Saturday. Had some luck and caught a couple nice Warmouth and a Redspot Sunfish.

TYler State April23 (13)
Check out that Ruby...

TYler State April23 (7)

Red Spot

TYler State April23 (41)

These things have a great attitude, such a big mouth!

I stopped by this nasty little creek near Best Buy and caught a bazillion Green sunfish...

After Easter Lunch, Emalie and I visited Camp Cherokee...my new favorite Private Lake!

CampCherokeeApril24 (33)

CampCherokeeApril24 (3)

I jumped three just like this, but this is the one I got to hand. I was using a popper dropper rig with a #8 Bead head wooly bugger on 3x tippet, you can't really horse them in on a rig like that.

CampCherokeeApril24 (83)

CampCherokeeApril24 (113)

CampCherokeeApril24 (20)

More fishing later this week, Hopefully we get some more rain.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Whole lotta Breamin' Goin' on

Emalie wanted to go jogging last night so we went to Coppell for about an hour. While she worked on her buns of steel I caught a few gills...



Big, mature and fiesty Bull Gills pulled from their weedy home...thanks for the tip Austin!





#8 Boogle Bug is no match for the Gillzilla


Pepsi loves the smell of fish

Churchpondapril16-17 (51)

The creek near my house has been starting to turn on aswell

Churchpondapril16-17 (60)

Make that a double!

Churchpondapril16-17 (30)


A few weeks ago I went fishing with Austin and his grandfather at Texoma and caught my first Small Mouth. Pic by Pondbass.

Heading out east, down south, far north and wayyyyy far west in the very near future.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Paluxy River

I visited my usual haunts on the Paluxy this weeked; a stretch between big rocks and the Brazos and an area down stream of Dinosaur Valley State Park. I consider this my river. I have visited it since I was a kid and have fished it a couple dozen times in the last few years. It is beautiful and rarely dissapoints. That was the case this weekend.

paluxyapril16 (197)

This was the largest bass of the day, I hooked a 4 or 5 pounder but my #10 nymph couldn't keep the connection for me!

paluxyapril16 (4)

I rigged up a popper dropper rig with a # 10 Solar Flare Boogle Bug and a 3 foot section of 3x fluorocaron ending in this new bead headed Bee fly. It really did the trick on the sunfish in the deeper sections. I caught around a dozen Black Crappie and about as many chunky Red Ears.

paluxyapril16 (66)

paluxyapril16 (10)

paluxyapril16 (39)

Fishin' Durrty

After lunch I made my way to a different section of the river that was only around 2 feet deep and gin clear. The number of fish was amazing. Suckers, Carp, 4 species of sunfish, catfish, large mouths and spotted bass and turtles everywhere... The best part of the day was stumbling on a colonial nesting site of red ears. Site casting to big, spooky sunfish in a foot of water was awesome.

paluxyapril16 (104)

Check out those colors...

paluxyapril16 (135)

paluxyapril16 (115)

Stop bugging me

paluxyapril16 (160)

Crawfish, its whats for dinner!

paluxyapril16 (173)

paluxyapril16 (192)

In the shallow water this natural colored hares ear worked well

paluxyapril16 (146)

If you want a great burger and a cold beer check out the Green Pickle in Downtown Glen Rose!

You can pick up a bee fly for yourself at www.Millersflyshop.com

Monday, April 4, 2011

White Rock Creek

Visited White Rock creek a couple weeks ago. Didn't see any of the fabled River Carp Suckers. Whiterockcreekmarch22 011 Whiterockcreekmarch22 029 Whiterockcreekmarch22 052 Whiterockcreekmarch22 073

Removed the Abel Arm, One less gimmick in my life!

Stay tuned for a contest.

Winner will get a hat, some flies, bragging rights and a virtual high-five.