Monday, April 25, 2011

Beulah Land

Happy Passover & Easter

Went to Tyler this weekend to see the Family. Got a chance to do some fishing at Tyler State Park on Saturday. Had some luck and caught a couple nice Warmouth and a Redspot Sunfish.

TYler State April23 (13)
Check out that Ruby...

TYler State April23 (7)

Red Spot

TYler State April23 (41)

These things have a great attitude, such a big mouth!

I stopped by this nasty little creek near Best Buy and caught a bazillion Green sunfish...

After Easter Lunch, Emalie and I visited Camp new favorite Private Lake!

CampCherokeeApril24 (33)

CampCherokeeApril24 (3)

I jumped three just like this, but this is the one I got to hand. I was using a popper dropper rig with a #8 Bead head wooly bugger on 3x tippet, you can't really horse them in on a rig like that.

CampCherokeeApril24 (83)

CampCherokeeApril24 (113)

CampCherokeeApril24 (20)

More fishing later this week, Hopefully we get some more rain.


  1. That top one is knockout gorgeous!

  2. I thought the coloring on the gills around here was nice, but the gills you've been posting lately blow them away.

  3. Don't pray for too much rain. We're practically drowning here in Cincinnati. Those fish are pretty dang awesome though. One of a clouser no less.

  4. That's a really nice warmouth (top picture, in particular). Were you fishing from piers and the bank the whole time? I'm going to try and make it out there soon.

  5. @fishingjournal: I almost always fish from the bank. Frankly, I hate boats. I don't mind fishing from Kayaks, but its a pain in the ass in the wind.

  6. @Robin: thats my FOTM entry! Evil Eye.

  7. Nice Bass! I also like the Bluegill photo with the Ladybug.

  8. Your fish are really nice. Congrats on landing the Bass on your rig setup! Those Warmouth and Red Spot are fantastic, and the Red Spot looks so very similar to the saltwater fish, Redmouth Grouper.

  9. Very nice Warmouth! I can probably count on one hand how many I've caught that were over 5 inches long. I've certainly never caught any as good looking as that one.