Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas

I hope veryone had a very merry Christmas. Mine was a blast. Had a good time with the family. I got lots of gifts (who knew I was so good?), one of my favorite of which was some new Simms G4 waders and boots.
So yeah...I needed to test them out.
I left dallas at 5:30am on Sunday and made my way out to Mineral Wells and then on to the hwy16 bridge on the Brazos below PK.
The air was 26 degrees when I slipped into the river...
Yeah...see that dam in the distance? I walked to that. This is what seperates the men from the candyasses. As well as those with common sense.
I met some other fly fishers at the base of the dam and they were really nice folks and I enjoyed chatting with them.
First fish...*looks up* Osprys!
Second fish..hmm...there is a theme here...
Boosh...thats more like it!
Sand bass
Stood here for 3 hours and caught 19 fish, mostly sandbass.
First time to the PK tailrace, first striped bass on the fly, new waders.....
OMGEHWH HH#*(H*HH)G#$H$*()^&$^(YUIWGHS:B:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Elm Fork @ Ray Roberts Dec. 19th

Sterling and I left about 6 in the morning.
I caught about 20 small sandbass.
Crappy pic from my blackberry.
Will probably go back on friday morning

Monday, December 13, 2010

Bowfin, My Bowfin

Went out to Lake Fork at the direction of a friend from the TFF. Had a good time. Fished under a bridge and caught a male bowfin! The Hispanic family next to me, fishing with minnows, caught 5 or 6 and proceeded to kill the first 3 until I intervened and instructed them that it was unnecessary and that they wouldn't eat all the crappie (they were doing that themselves). On their stringer they had a number of really nice crappie, both black and white, a number of undersized ones, and around a dozen bass, the largest being around 6 lbs.
Lakeforkdec11th 016
Lakeforkdec11th 010
The male I caught, Illustrating the males tail spot and green fins.
Lakeforkdec11th 002
A large female murdered by the meat fishers...
Lakeforkdec11th 004
Wouldn't want to get a giner in there!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Swans, Trout and Bowfin

This last Sunday Emalie and I met up with my uncle Frank for some "trout fishing" at the TFFC. Frank was eager to learn how to cast and catch fish on the fly, so what better place to practice?
Dec4th 020
Franks first Trout
Dec4th 013
Emalie battles...
Dec4th 003
An entirely synthetic fish
Dec4th 030
Drum fly strikes again
Dec4th 040
2 1/2 feet of bowfin goodness
We took a tour of the museum and exhibits available and I snapped this picture of an awesome mature bowfin. How anyone could not love these thigns is beyond me. It came straight up to the glass and looked me in the eye before retreating to the back of the tank.
On friday we went to see the opening of Darron Aranofsky's "Black Swan"
One of my favorite directors, I had been looking forward to the film for some time. It did not dissapoint.