Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Rio Pecos, NM

Emalie and I just returned from our trip to New Mexico. We headed over the western border last Thursday and made the drive up to Santa Fe for the quarterly BOD meeting of the Texas Historical Foundation. We Had a blast. The food was good, we travelled with the other board members and had an all around great time.

on to the fishing...

We arrived at the Rio Pecos At around 11am on Sunday. We had scouted the river the day before and found a few likely spots to slip in. This is a pretty crowded river, not what I was expecting. Still, we knew that beyond the bloated campers, the screaming toddlers with water logged diapers, and the glistening and spent beer cans, there were trout waiting to be taken by our peerless angling skills. I am exaggerating a little bit. Besides a few careless beer cans the river was suprisingly clean, as well as the rest of New Mexico that we saw. There was only a small amount of trash on the road at anytime and most of that seemed to be crushed and broken bottles, that as time passes will turn back into the sand that they were formed from.

The day we arrived in Santa Fe I stopped by High Desert Anglers (which was an easy walk from our hotel) and picked up some flies and a map of the Pecos River and its surrounding towns and wilderness area.

Saturday evening, as I mentioned before, we scouted the river, then started east on Highway 25, to Las Vegas, NM. From there we booked it north on 518 through the Mountains north of the Pecos River Wilderness area and made our way past Mora. On the way we saw a single Mule Deer, but non of the bears and elk that more than a few crossing signs warned of.

At around 11pm we arrived in our destination of Taos and aquired one breakfast burrito from Sonic and witnessed a drug deal all within the span of 5 minutes.

After the goods were passed we decided that it was time for us to head home. An hour later we pulled into the Santa Fe Hotel parkign lot and stumbled to our rooms. A nice 300 mile jaunt!

OK...The fishing: 8 trout, 3 hours.











Monday, July 13, 2009

Many Gloops

This last weekend Emalie and I caught a couple dozen fish at a new pond, got our lease agreement settled with our new apartment in Plano, and made some....interesting discoveries...
Fishing on the trinity....gloop...
Someone under this bridge was after catfish....
This must be the cleaning station...

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Six Years and Lots of Fish

Yesturday was our six year anniversary (since first starting to date) and me and lil'e spent the evening fishing. The action was all top water. Emalie fished a little beetle immitation while I used a Boogle Bug. I hooked something reeeaaaly big at one point but the leader broke......It was probably a big bass cruising the drop off on the outer edge of the nesting area.
The beds
1 (11).jpg
1 (10).jpg
1 (5)
1 (13).jpg
1 (12).jpg
1 (6).JPG
Emalie caught 10 fish, I 6...not bad for only an hour of fishing after dinner.