Thursday, July 9, 2009

Six Years and Lots of Fish

Yesturday was our six year anniversary (since first starting to date) and me and lil'e spent the evening fishing. The action was all top water. Emalie fished a little beetle immitation while I used a Boogle Bug. I hooked something reeeaaaly big at one point but the leader broke......It was probably a big bass cruising the drop off on the outer edge of the nesting area.
The beds
1 (11).jpg
1 (10).jpg
1 (5)
1 (13).jpg
1 (12).jpg
1 (6).JPG
Emalie caught 10 fish, I 6...not bad for only an hour of fishing after dinner.

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  1. Congrats on six years! And fishing together, good all around.

    Seeing that beaver brings to mind sitting in a float tube on a moonless night in the middle of a huge pond and having Mr. Beaver express his displeasure of your being there by quite loudly and unexpectedly slapping the water with his tail!! Wow! Straight out of my skin!! Heh...