Tuesday, June 30, 2009

White Rock Long Ears

White Rock, though being dirtier than a truck stop lot lizard, still gives up beautiful fish...
1 (7)
1 (10).JPG

Monday, June 29, 2009

The Heat Is On

Emalie and I decided to escape Dallas for the weekend and made our way down to our favorite spot: The Paluxy. Damn was it hot. Even in the river we had to come in from noon until 4 to avoid the heat.

As for the fishing....It was awsome! We caught a total of 33 fish, and saw hundreds more. The river was at the lowest I have seen it and all the fish were crowded together in the remaining deep parts. All one had to do was present a scud, cricket, prince, or wolly bugger and you were on like donkey kong. The majority of our catches were Long Ears and Greenies, with a single bass to round out the weekend. I saw quite a few bass, but as usual they were very spooky to the slightest movement of the line on the water. We found a few pink crayfish, so next time we go down I will bring some imitations and see if that changes anything.

Emalie had fun beating me the first couple hours were out there, and she has really improved her casting.

Heres the proof:
1 (17).JPG
1 (18)
A damn fine Long Ear!
1 (2)
My lonely bass...
1 (24)
The neon fish!
1 (19).JPG
I love green sunfish cause they will hit bigger flies than the long ears.
1 (21).JPG
1 (22).JPG
1 (3)
A sneaky cat!
We stayed at teh Glen Rose Inn, which was expensive and riddled with roaches. Bring raid if you stay here.
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All in all it was a great weekend with lots of fish, goober samwiches, and Texas heat.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A few pics and thoughts

Taking a couple minutes to day dream about a few things and I came across a few cool pics.

This has got to be the best side by side comparison of a large female and a large male "copper nose blue gill" Lepomis macrochirus purpurescens
These are native to Florida, but I know the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center has a few stocked and I swear I have caught a couple at Lake Fork.

I also found this great painting of a Red Ear Sunfishes:

And this funny vintage fishing postcard

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Stiff 6.....

I traded my 10wt for a Helios 6wt....and boy was that a good decision!

I cast it a little before I brought it home and I can already tell the difference between it and my Clearwater2....and I'm not just talking about the price tag.

I tried sage, st. croix, and g.loomis rods in sizes 4-7 and with my skinny little arms I enjoyed the 6wt Helios the best.

The stats:
6wt 9'0" tip flex 9.5

I need to get a new line for my reel, its starting to get cruddy...

After all my being poor problems are behind me i plan to get:

I really like the carp and the red finishes....

Now they really need to make a bluegill print!!


I recently set up an aquarium and I have populated it with a couple of Cichlids.

A Cuban Nandopsys tetracanthus
Cuban, Elian

and Seive exChichlisoma grammodes

These are both very aggressive species of cichlid and only time will tell if both will be able to inhabit the same tank.

I think I have caught the aquarium bug. When Emalie and I have our own house, one that we own, I am going to have a big aquarium with some native species.........

Hot, Hazy, Heat

I haven't updated my blog in a couple weeks because work and the heat have kept me from doing much fishing. Lately I have been entertaining myself with my new aquarium and my Cichlids. I will make a post about them later!

I am looking forward to my trip to Costa Rica in September, but I have been rethinking some of my equip. I am considering returning my Helios 10wt for a Helios 6wt. In truth, I could use that there for Cichlids and small fish, and really get more use of it here. I already have a clearwater2 6wt, but my skill has developed beyond what that rod can produce, so I would like to relegate it to "back up" status.

Lately I have been tinking about blue gill alot. I need to go fishing soon!