Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hot, Hazy, Heat

I haven't updated my blog in a couple weeks because work and the heat have kept me from doing much fishing. Lately I have been entertaining myself with my new aquarium and my Cichlids. I will make a post about them later!

I am looking forward to my trip to Costa Rica in September, but I have been rethinking some of my equip. I am considering returning my Helios 10wt for a Helios 6wt. In truth, I could use that there for Cichlids and small fish, and really get more use of it here. I already have a clearwater2 6wt, but my skill has developed beyond what that rod can produce, so I would like to relegate it to "back up" status.

Lately I have been tinking about blue gill alot. I need to go fishing soon!

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