Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Stiff 6.....

I traded my 10wt for a Helios 6wt....and boy was that a good decision!

I cast it a little before I brought it home and I can already tell the difference between it and my Clearwater2....and I'm not just talking about the price tag.

I tried sage, st. croix, and g.loomis rods in sizes 4-7 and with my skinny little arms I enjoyed the 6wt Helios the best.

The stats:
6wt 9'0" tip flex 9.5

I need to get a new line for my reel, its starting to get cruddy...

After all my being poor problems are behind me i plan to get:

I really like the carp and the red finishes....

Now they really need to make a bluegill print!!

1 comment:

  1. Good call in my book. I can't think of too much that I could do with a ten weight other than toss huge bugs into heavy growth to pull out monster fish. Hey, that doesn't sound so bad!!

    But at any rate, good on the Helios, I hope it's been fishing well for you.