Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cinco de Koi

Last night we went by the Church Pond after I got home from work. All the sunfish were up shallow defending their territories from encroachment. We cast zug-bugs, hares ears, half backs and a few minnow imitations and we caught around a dozen bluegills. I also managed a couple bass on an orange booglebug popper, and Emalie managed to hook me in the arm with a number 12 nymph of some sort. Had to push it through the skin and a friendly bait caster cut the barb for me. Didn't really hurt that much, but when she made her forward cast it sure did sting.

Anyways...not really an eventful evening....until....I saw the Koi.

I have been fishing here for a couple months. Ive seen a number of Koi quite a few times, and Every time I've chucked a "carp fly" at them they scatter. Who would have known a popper dropper rig with a "#12 yellow bullys bluegill spider" would do the trick?
CincodeKoi 018
CincodeKoi 020
CincodeKoi 021
CincodeKoi 030
CincodeKoi 033

Needless to say I was very happy. This is my first carp of any kind!


  1. That's it!!! You'll be hooked now, no more bluegill for you! My first carp failures were koi, I finally got a nice grey/silver one though. Good Job

  2. Jonathan
    Awesome catch I know you had a time landing that monster. Great Pics.