Monday, May 24, 2010

Grindle or Grinnel?

This weekend was a blast. Heading to Tyler this weekend to see my grandparents, I was able to work in some thats a surprise?

Friday I hit up Tyler State park and managed to land a nice Warmouth.....Finally! He was the only fish I caught, but I left happy.
TylerState (2)

After Tyler State Park I ran over to Faulkner Park near Lindale for a few minutes. Got into some bream, but nothing to write home about....

The next morning I woke up and drove out to Lake Fork, the Lake Fork Marina boat slips specifically....
Booyah Achieved!

My first Bowfin on the fly. I was very stoked. The beast took an olive sculpin fly and we were off to the races. That fish fought more fiercely than any bass I have ever caught.

Glad I had the Boga:
Lakeforkmay10 (3)

10 minutes later and not 5 feet away I landed this 2lbr
Lakeforkmay10 (6)

I rounded out the rest of the day with an ass load of bluegill. I stopped counting at around 42.
Lakeforkmay10 (39)
Lakeforkmay10 (30)
not a bad spot...
Lakeforkmay10 (4)

the next morning I left Tyler at 5:30 and met my friend Dusty at Lake Athens. We had a blast, lots of laughs, a good lunch and a few fish in between.
LakeAthens (8)
LakeAthens (9)
LakeAthens (7)
LakeAthens (4)
LakeAthens (3)

Before heading back to Dallas I stopped by the AFFC and did my thing....

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