Monday, August 10, 2009

Dispatches from the North!

Its been a while since I have updated, but that is mainly be cause I have not fished since Emalie and I returned from NM. On saturday and sunday I remedied that!

I will not divulge my spot, but needless to say it is in far North DFW.

I arrived at the body of water around 3pm. The wind was blowing like crazy and really challenged my casting skill. I was on a grassy dam on the north end of a 200 acre or so municiple lake/pond. Id guess that it is around 20 feet in the middle with an average depth of around 8 feet at the sides. The edges are bricked, so there are only a ocuple spots with a natural shore line. The sides are rimmed with a very soft non-lure absorbing type of moss that provided tons of cover, but never snagged my fly.

I cast out about twenty feet and let my fly sink to a count of aorund "ten-onethousand" and almost everytime I cast I was rewarded with a Bluegill. A huge Bluegill. A monstrously Huge OMFG Bluegill. 2lb+

Enough talk, here are the pics!



One of the smaller fishes of the day

Product Placement
Boogle Bug
Last Giant before Home

More fishing later this week!

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  1. That bluegill was a big redear sunfish, a monster nonetheless.