Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Paluxy River, Big Rocks

The old town cryer says it,
The inveterate liar says it
The pilchard, the bream And the trout in the stream
Babe, I´m on fire
Babe, I´m on fire
PaluxyAug29 005
PaluxyAug29 008
PaluxyAug29 031
PaluxyAug29 016
PaluxyAug29 034
PaluxyAug29 040
PaluxyAug29 047
Mckinneyaug29 001
Hit me up, baby, and knock me down
Drop what you´re doing and come around
We can hold hands till the sun goes down
Cause I know
That you
And I
Can be Together
Cause I love you


  1. Those are great looking fish! Some strange, to me, ones also.

    The Average Joe Fisheman

  2. Great post and great photos.. also some strang to me as well,, interesting keep it up I subscribed to your feed..