Monday, August 9, 2010

Six-O- Ranch

Recently I joined Private Water Fishing (, a members only fishing club with access to dozens of properties around the state. I found out about the organization through my friends at Tailwaters in Dallas, and after seeing some pics of monster bluegills I had to join!

Well, this weekend I visited one of the properties, Six-O-Ranch outside of Cleburne. beautiful piece of property in a hilly limestone producing area reminiscent of the Hill Country, only minutes from the Brazos, Nolan and Paluxy rivers.

Here are pics from my two hours of fishing: around 23 Big Bluegills!

Six-oaugust7 006
Six-oaugust7 047
Six-oaugust7 039
Six-oaugust7 041
Six-oaugust7 037
Six-oaugust7 001
Six-oaugust7 012
Six-oaugust7 029
Six-oaugust7 010

Got to love the Copper nose!

Six-oaugust7 005

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