Monday, August 30, 2010

Depth Charge Ethel

Ethel is a woman that a river runs through, She is famous throughout the land, People come and bath in her lake, And I do, but lately it's gotten out of hand
Six-O-Ranch, Aug 29
29 Bluegills 1 LMB
Sixoranchaug29 002
Sixoranchaug29 003
Sixoranchaug29 013
Sixoranchaug29 035
Small bass
Sixoranchaug29 043
Big Gills on a 3wt!
Sixoranchaug29 084
Sixoranchaug29 090
Bluegill Mecca
Sixoranchaug29 083
Sixoranchaug29 073
Yea Depth Charge Ethel is something special
Yea Depth Charge Ethel is something special to me


  1. very nice man....I need to get out on gills this week

  2. Jonathan
    I can relate, nothing like catching those big bulls on the fly. The colors on those are darker than the ones I catch here in Alabama, here the belly in more of a bright orange. Super nice catch and awesome pics. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Woah! Take a look at those dinosaurs!

  4. Wow, those are some gorgeous 'gills! In all of last year, my wife and I caught one each of redear in the 10" class - things are tough in California with over 30 million people and really not all that much water in most places. I caught a 10.5 incher, and the next time out she promptly eclipsed me with an 11 incher :-)

    California Jonathan, wishing I was fishing in Texas ;)