Monday, May 10, 2010

1 Weekend 4 Waters

I love weekends like this. family stuff punctuated by good fishing.

On Friday Emalie and I visited our church pond and had a good time.
weekend 001
weekend 004

On Saturday I woke up and went to McKinney and had a great time with a couple nice bass:

After a couple hours I cruised on over to Prosper and caught around a dozen nice bluegills. I saw quite a few more as well as what looked like a 5lb bass, but the wind foiled my cast, and one hung fly later my opportunity for a personal best was gone. Definitely going back there soon.

That evening we went to eat Pho @ L.A. Pho (formerly Saigon Pho) a restaurant I have been visiting since high school. They managed to mess up Emalie's order for the third time, but we will still be going back for more punishment.
After food we went to the pond nearby and caught around a half dozen bluegills and a bass before it became to dark.
weekend 007
I look high
weekend 013
Emalie's big greenie
weekend 014
Colorful BG

Sunday was mothers day and we spent some time with our respective maternal units at BJs and then at Zizikis ( a Greek place). A good time was had by all and we staved off disappointing our mothers for another year.

That evening I stopped by the church pond one last time and started throwing a mouse imitation. Caught 3 small bass and then headed home to watch LOTR Return of the King.
weekend 029
For Frodo!


  1. I love days like those. I need to have a LOTR marathon with my boys before my oldest goes off to college in the fall. Nice Fish!

  2. Looks like we fish close to the same areas! I enjoy reading your blogs, its also nice to know I'm not the only fly fishing nut in NE Texas fishing city parks and golf courses. I guess we have to get our fix somehow.