Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Perdernales Falls State Park, Part 1

Well me and lil'E just got back from our trip to Fredricksburg. We partook of much fishing, beer and German-ness.

We headed out on Friday the 2nd and arrived in Johnson city around noon. After getting our bearings we headed to Perdernals Falls State Park. We both agree this is one of the best Texas State Parks. It is beautiful, the fishing is good, and it is easy to find.

Pedernales Falls
Limestone and Water
emalie scoping it out
Emalie says "thars fish over thar!"

and she was right!
Spotted/Guadalupe Bass
Small mouth
Most of the Bass were around this size
Small Bass
Pedernales River Bass
These small Bass behaved more like trout, darting among the rocks and in and out of the current.

A foul-hooked Blue Gill, Sorry Buddy!
Foul hooked

Emalie was the first one of us to catch a Rio Grande Cichlid!
Emalie's Rio

Pedernales River
Down by the swimming area we did some wading.
Pedernales River
Pedernales River Long Ear
Pedernales River Bass
Rio Grande Cichlid

All in all Perdernales Falls was a great trip. We ended up with 25 fish total, mostly Bass and Long Ears. I think it would be better in the spring when the fish are on their beds. One thing that we noticed was that there is a preponderance of Carp. We are talking many hundreds in giant schools. While there we also spotted a Black or Small mouth Buffalo, it was hard to tell which from the vantage point. We also spotted a few White Bass in the deeper parts of the current.

Stay tuned for the Llano River

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