Monday, October 12, 2009

Lake Daingerfield

This Saturday we headed out to Lake Daingerfield. It was rainy, cold and we caught a single BlueGill. So we were basically skunked. I did managed to hook a Pickerel, which easily broke my 1x tippit. I think I will go back next weekend with an abraison resistant leader. I was super excited for 5 seconds. I think the Pickerel is my new favorite fish. The few that I observed near the boat ramp were really bad ass.

On our way home last week from Fredricksburg we stopped in Lampasas @ Sulpher Creek and caught some cool fish including a rare Lepomis miniatus, or Red Spotted Sunfish
Red Spotted Sunfish

Emalie was the winner and hooked a really nice Long Ear
Bull Long Ear

Till next time!

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