Monday, October 19, 2009

Bear Creek, Daingerfield, Bob Sandlin and Monticello


This weekend was stuffed to the gills (had to) with fishing and fun.

On saturday Emalie and I took our baby, Pepsi, to the annual Chi-esta in Keller. Our lil pumkin had alot of fun..

While there we broke out Emalie's 4wt and walked along bear creek trying to catch a few small sunfish. I managed to hook a really nice bass but the small popper dislodged from its mouth, I was frustrated and Emalie poked fun at me.

Definetly a place we are going to go back to...

Sunday morning we woke up around 6, got in the car and started driving east to Mt. Pleasant and Daingerfield. The state park is really nice. The lake is a few hundred acres at the most and is a very old impoundment, dating from the 1930s. The water is usually a tea color, though this weeks rain had washed alot of the red clay in, reducing visibility quite a bit. We had alot better luck this weekend than last, no pickerel but a few nice bass.
Large Mouth
Caught this fat boy near the paddle boats

The only thing we caught at Bob Sandlin was this turtle, HECK YEA!

We faired much better at lake Monticello. This is a really cool lake with very warm water. It is a cooling lake for a coal fired power plant, Luminate. Monticello is the lake I will be bringing my kayak to this winter! It is stocked with large mouth and coppernose Blue gill. We fished for a couple hours and caught 40+ bluegills on hoppers and poppers.

Nothing like breathing in those heavy metals while catchin gills!

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