Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Llano River, Big Gulp

Last saturday I woke up early and left Fredricksburg and lil'E still sleeping.

I made my way out west on Highway 10 to Junction, Texas to hit up the Llano River. It rained the entire time I was there, prompting me to keep an eye on the flow of the river, lest I be swept away.

I caught a few small bass right off the bat, and as the day passed I managed to land a few sunfish as well, including one of my goals for the trip: Lepomis auritus, the Red Breasted or Yellow Bellied Sunfish. It was a young specimen, not fully colored yet, but still exciting.

Red Breast Sunfish

Llano River
A small backwater area
Llano River Long Ear
Small Llano River Guadalupe Bass
Small Guadalupe Bass
Llano River Bass
before heading out I went ontop of the dam and cast into the falls a couple times.

I left with 9 or 10 fish under my belt, not what I would really consider successful, bu better than a knife in the eye!

I returned to Fredricksburg with my head held high in anticipation of the joy to follow my arrival...
Big Gulp

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