Monday, April 26, 2010

Paluxy River, Dinosaur Valley State Park

This last week has been extremely busy with work, Texas Historical Foundation goings on, and getting a new car (more on that later).

Sunday morning I roused Emalie and the girls and dropped them off at her mothers house, before heading to Glen Rose to hit up the Paluxy.

I got in the water at 9:30 am and got out around 4Pm. It was a long dag, full of fish, beautiful river, and the occasional slip and fall.

Nothing like a stretch of river all to yourself...
I have fished this area quite a bit and I always manage some nice long ears from the deeper part close to the far bank.
Male Longear with extremely blue fins.
Check out that pattern!
It was good to have the 6wt back, though way to heavy for the long ears, it really helped to cut through the brisk wind.
Green Sunfish
P4251332It rained rather recently so the water was high, and as I moved downstream the current picked up and I came across many small riffles and mini rapids.
At this point the fish started to get a little larger, but not by much. I didn't catch a fish over a 1/2 pound, which was kinda disappointing, but I made up for it in volume of bites and the beauty of the Park.
Spotted Bass

Throughout the day I used a series of poppers, small woolyboogers, bone minnows and nymphs.

This was the only Bluegill I hooked
It was a great trip, and I caught a couple dozen fish!

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  1. Nice looking river and those red ear have to be some of the prettiest fish I have ever seen. I agree with you about the heavier rod. It will clip through the wind easier than the 3, or 4 wt. ---but you pay a price for the heavier rod by giving up play of the fish. Really impressed with your pictures, what pixel rate camera are you using? Great Post!