Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Last Few Days....

I had a request to post some info on the flies and the rigging I use when I am targeting bluegills and crappie. So I wanted to take a few moments to explain my set up. I originally posted this on the Texas fishing Forums bluegill/sunfish board:
I generally fish a popper dropper rig that I up-size or down size depending on what I am targeting.I will use a foam spider in a size 8 hook, on a 9ft leader, with a 3 foot segment of 3x fluorocarbon tied to the bend of the hook, ending in a nymph such as a halfback, hares ear, or electric blue north fork nymph. I sometimes catch 2 fish at once on this rig.If I am trying to target a mixed bag of bass and larger bluegills I will make the popper a size 10-8 popper, such as a Boogle Bug, with a 3 foot section of 1x fluorocarbon ending in a size 6 Clouser Minnow, or larger nymph. Its important that the leader is mono, not fluorocarbon, I find the flouro sinks too fast and messes up the popping action of the indicator. The idea is that the first fly, the popper, acts as a strike indicator for the dropper, usually a nymph or small streamer. If that is not working, or the fish are really deep, I generally have a 9 foot leader of fluorocarbon ending in a Clouser, shad colored, or a silver Bully's Blue Gill Spider. All of which you can find on breambugs.com
A yelllow Boogle Bug popper and a Bone Minnow, "popper/dropper" rig:
Small Garland bass caught with a Crappie Fly (available at breambugs.com)
Brian Davis, whose blog you can find in my blogroll, was at the pond when we arrived. We chatted, traded flies and had a good time.
Last night I went to Stonebridge Lake and managed a few bream, including this nice Redear, as well as a bass. I hooked what felt like a 3lber, but she broke off at my feet!
Also caught another sad turtle!
I just bought a new FJ CRUISER, I'll post pictured of the BREAM'MOBILE when it arrives....


  1. Jonathan
    Thanks for sharing your popper/dropper setup. I am going to use that setup next time I am at our local lake. I looked at the breambugs website and saw some bugs I may order. The Walt bugs are really special, I have some and they are some of the most detailed bugs I fish with. The redear is awesome---all nice fish.