Sunday, April 11, 2010

Great weekend.

Between going to the zoo, craft fairs and creepy O-temples, Em and I have been fishing up a storm.
On saturday night we met up with fellow poster from, Brian Davis, whose blog you can find in my blogroll, at the north Garland pond I have been visiting lately. We fished for a while and discovered a new pond nearby that has some white crappie, bass and blue gills. Looks very promising.
On sunday night Emalie and I stopped by the north Garland pond for a couple final casts before home and I caught this chunk. Bet you can't spot my secret to big bluegills?
easterweekend 005
Emalie caught this fella at the new pond, the best fish at the new pond...
easterweekend 004

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  1. Hi Jonathan
    Just found your blog. I too am interested in bream fishing. In fact this time of the year I spend the better part of each week fly fishing for the gills on our local lakes. You have caught some nice bream. I would like to become one of your followers, but I could not find the followers link. I would welcome you as one of my followers on my blog. Just follow this link for my blog---