Thursday, April 29, 2010

Beer, Fishing and One of My Fly Boxes.

Oh...How hard is life for me, your fearless potentate of panfishing prowess?

Just thought I'd take a break from work to make a post about a couple of my favorite subjects: Beer and Fishing.

Just say that again..."Beer and Fishing".....The way it cascades off the tongue. I think I might actually start signing letters that way:

Dear Somebody Jones,

Congrats for whatever it was you were doing that I decided to use as an example in my faux-letter!
Beer and Fishing,
Ok, I have had my joy-seizure of the day. Here is a bunch of beer I tried recently. All of which I liked alot. Even the New Belgium Ranger (which i sincerely did not want to like) was pretty good. The Turbo Dog by Abita was my favorite.
Emalie went to our church pond last friday afternoon for about 30 minutes. Had fun, caught fish:
erfghn 006
What? Don't you take your chihuahua fishing?!
erfghn 012
erfghn 017
erfghn 019
erfghn 022
erfghn 029
And since a few people have asked me, here is a picture of one of my fly boxes. It holds all my "bream" flies, except for closuers and poppers.
erfghn 004
erfghn 005
Hope everyone is enjoying the wonderful weather....more posts comming soon!


  1. Jonathan
    Great Post! I have recently found a site that lets you create a blog dealing only with blue gill. I created one and thought would might be interested in this site. Bill

  2. I have been on there quit a few times, I like to browse it, but one blog is enough for now! There is some rivalry between that site and another forum I am on :