Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I love Umpqua Fly Boxes

I don't mean to gush but these are great fly boxes. I have owned C&F, Clifton, Orvis and a few others...but these Umpqua boxes are my new favorite.

  1. I like being able to see the flies through the clear case.

  2. The foam is really high quality and doesn't rip.

  3. Variety of sizes and layouts.

  4. Strong hinges and closing clasps.

  5. Aesthetically pleasing colors.

I need to try out their streamer/flats box


  1. Oh yeah, they are awesome! I have a few of the green Pro-Guide ones....your points are right on!

  2. I want to get some of those new ones with the magnets inside. I had how the flies fall out of the foam ones after awhile. The magnets are a good idea.

  3. C'mon, pix? I'm too lazy to click!

    My newest box (this year) is Scientific Angler, and I'm pretty happy with it.