Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer So Far...

Dear Readers,

I have been busy with work & play and have not had as much desire to post as I normally do.
I will hopefully be updating more regularly after my return from Alaska in July. Till then, here are some of my current goings on:

guadmay20 (19)
The Guad in Kerrville
guadmay20 (27)
Guad warmouth
guadmay20 (71)
Nice red spotted sunfish
guadmay20 (9)
Big ol guad red ear

Nice Tilapia
foul hooked tilapia from Clements
Pete Fighting
My friend Pete fighting the good fight...
petes nicest
Petes best bass

Emalie and I visited the Medina back in May...
medinamay20 (39)
medinamay20 (25)
Nice Rio
medinamay20 (90)
Sexy fisher lady...

Bull Creek outside of Austin...
bullcreekmay21 (65)
bullcreekmay21 (111)

I will post some more in the morning!


  1. Jonathan
    Really jealous why?????? ALASKA MAN SOME GUYS HAVE IT ALL---take some good pics for me.

  2. Those are some amazing flies - who ties most of your flies? I am a decent warmwater angler and I'm getting deeper and deeper into panfish/bass flyfishing (going tonight, in fact).

    Great pics!

  3. you catch some wild stuff on fly. love it!