Thursday, June 16, 2011

As Promised...

On Sunday my new friend Eric treated me to an introduction to flats fishing for Carp. We visited a couple spots on Ray Roberts...

First Carp2
My first Common Carp on the fly
My Second Carp
Eric And A Mirror
Eric and his docile Mirror carp
The Flats
Nice view of the flats...
Hungry Hungry Carp
My Third Carp....Not a bad way to finish up the day!

On Monday I was at the 32nd Annual BSA Golf Tournament at Stonebriar. I finishe dup a little earlier than anticipated so I drove back to Ray Rob and put in on one of the flats we visited and caught this fatty:

So it wasn't a fluke, I can catch a carp!

Thanks Eric!


  1. Nice job, in one day you've already caught more carp than me.

  2. Why did it take me this long to finally convince you that carp are worth targeting on the fly?