Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I Was Sealed In A River Bend

I visited Lake Murchison around noon on Saturday. I used the jonboat to visit some areas of structure I identified on a previous trip, and allowed the wind to drift me about a half mile down the western shore. I was mainly using my 8 wt with a #4 white boogle bug popper, with a small size 8 bendback minnow as the dropper.

Camp Cherokee may7 (3)

Camp Cherokee may7 (6)

Camp Cherokee may7 (12)
One of the bigger bass of the day

Camp Cherokee may7 (24)

Camp Cherokee may7 (27)
As before the alligators were out in force...
Camp Cherokee may7 (28)
obviously not a fan of the Boogle Bug

As the afternoon wore on I switched to my 6wt with a full sinking line and visited a few humps and areas of submurged timber. The black crappie were all holding about 11 feet down, a few feet above them I got into some nice blue gills.
Camp Cherokee may7 (36)

Camp Cherokee may7 (39)
I used various small wooly buggers, white, brown and chartreuse being the most effective...
Camp Cherokee may7 (43)
Biggest Bluegill of the day

Camp Cherokee may7 (60)
New breathable Tailwaters hat (thanks Travis!) and new digital camo Buff...also a nice crappie
Camp Cherokee may7 (72)
After letting the fly sink for about 30 seconds and slowly raising the rod, I hooked up with a few nice red ears in the deeper part of the lake...

Camp Cherokee may7 (75)

Camp Cherokee may7 (81)


  1. Great pics!!! Nice bass and that is quite the bluegill...geez!(And, it's probably a good thing alligators aren't Boogle Bug fans, eh?!)

  2. nice man....looks like a great day...I'm not so sure about the alligators though..I'm glad they don't live in NY

  3. Nice job! I told you they'd be deeper on the humps!

  4. Looks like you picked the day to be out on the water. Nice fish on a sunny day, they were just asking to be caught!

  5. The Boggle Bug has got to be THE popper when it comes to fishing on top nobody makes a popper with that kind of quality---really like the pics on all the fish you landed. Great job

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  7. Looks like a great day! Those are some quality fish!

  8. Awesome looking fish!

    Those gators can be exciting, especially when they start to follow your popper :)