Monday, May 2, 2011

Good, Better & Best

Good: Eating Fogo De Choa on Friday night with clients and family

Better: Having one of the best days of fishing in my life on Saturday

Best: Going to sleep on Sunday with the news that Osama Bin Ladin has assumed several thousand degrees Fahrenheit in perpetuity

Every once in a while we are blessed with a day of fishing, that when communicated to others makes us feel guilty at our good fortune. I am going to call it good fortune, rather than Skill because no one likes a braggart.

I spent Sun-up to Sun-Down on Saturday at Camp Cherokee, pulling the rare 200+ fish day out of some prime East Texas realestate. Me, a jon boat and some gators...

Found a few beds while stalking the shore, the big coppernose were colored up!

Camp Cherokee april 30 (16)
#6 Boogle Bug, a Mouth Full!

Camp Cherokee april 30 (66)

Camp Cherokee april 30 (90)

Camp Cherokee april 30 (139)

Camp Cherokee april 30 (195)

Camp Cherokee april 30 (235)

Camp Cherokee april 30 (286)

I spent the second half of the day in a jon boat...

Camp Cherokee april 30 (325)

Camp Cherokee april 30 (312)

Camp Cherokee april 30 (329)
God bless "Structure" ...side note, I love the Rio "Small mouth" line..

Camp Cherokee april 30 (358)

This girl literally caused the jon boat to spin 180 degrees.

Camp Cherokee april 30 (377)

Camp Cherokee april 30 (388)
Hooked up with 4 or 5 of these this size, only managed to land a couple...

Camp Cherokee april 30 (411)
Last fish of the day...

Camp Cherokee april 30 (424)
A wallet, belt, 2 boots and 4 back scratchers...


  1. Wow - I love photo #12 in this post. Awesome angle and perspective!

  2. Awesome day(s) and post!! Thanks for sharing

  3. Love those BoogleBugs. I think that gator looks a bit small to yield all of those items... and I really like them better alive myself... but I may be just a bit of a reptile fan.

  4. Looks like a great time, I haven't fished camp Cherokee in at least 4 years, but I do remember there being some great bass fishing in it.

  5. Awesome Pics----looks like you cover the species, especially the bluegill. Those coppernose are huge, I have never caught one. All the bluegills here in this area are the common bluegill variety, so the coppernose would be a bonus. By the way what size fly was you using? Thanks for sharing

  6. size 10 wooly buggers and bee flies. Poppers were #8 and #06 boogle bugs.

    I mainly use sizes 12-8, its rare I go above that for bream.