Monday, March 14, 2011

March Madness!

Stonebridge20feb 010

I have been fishing up a storm. Lots of fishy pics comming, lots of trips, lots of bluegill, bass and rough fish. Alaska is right around the corner, Hawaii not far behind and a handful of trips to the Hill Country will be scattered in between.

Brazosfeb27th 005

Small PK Striper

Paluxyfeb20 013

Nice Paluxy River bass

Clements Scout Ranch Bass

Nice East Texas LMB

Camp Cherokee 044

Anyone Else got a headache?

Anyone else have a headache?

StonebridgeMarch13 030

StonebridgeMarch13 013

StonebridgeMarch13 019

Yes I wear the same fishing outfit for weeks on end.


  1. Looks like those bass like the red and white combo!

  2. Nice fish. That first gill is enormous.

  3. Great pictures, and I'm jealous for A) the fact that you're fishing already, and B) the upcoming trips. Sound awesome - can't wait to read more

  4. Nice Jono! We need to go check out our secret spot soon.

  5. I know that place. I love standing up at the top and picking those fish out. Got a few good pictures looking down at them.