Monday, September 21, 2009

Rio Parismina, Costa Rica Pt.1 The Mujarra

I just returned from the steamy goodness which is my favorite Central American country. I could still smell the fish on my hands when I walked in my front door. To cover every aspect of what made this trip wonderful will take a few posts. Over the nxt week I will update my blog with pictures and stories and attempt to devote each post to one aspect of my trip. I will also post my normal fishing which, with the weather in Texas improving will increase shortly.

For now I think I will let the pictures do the talking.

This is the Mujarra. I caught 53 of them. They are without a doubt one of the funnest fishes I have ever caught. Known in the aquarium trade as a "black belt cichlid", these beautiful bruisers are like bluegills on crack. And they are everywhere. Down every creek, in every river surrounding the lodge (which I will get too later) these little monsters are biting anything that hits the water and fighting like hell when hooked. These pictures are the average size.
Mujarra on the Abel
The Solar Flare Boogle Popper was a very successful fly over the last week...
Check out the hump on this guy!
Sweaty and Smilin'!
The Jon boat is the best way to fish the rivers which are wide and calm. The top layers of water are fresh , but about 5 feet down the water becomes salty and brackish. The rivers also experience a tide of about a foot making some areas more or less accessable depending on the time of day.
The flies and oen of the smaller fishes of the week
A beauty of a Mujarra!
Wide rivers filled with toothy critters...
My guide Fransisco
A small mangrove snapper
Shes a brick....hoouuuuse.....
Theres fish in them there roots
Another cichlid species? Note the white bar... (I wore the same outfit for 4 days! Stink bait!)
Kelly caught a snook! I was jelouse!

Rio Parismina is known for its snook and tarpon, and they are the main attraction, but I had more action and a better time exploring the various waterways just inland from the coast.

Next time: San Jose, Volcanos and The FAST CARS DANGER FIRE AND KNIVES!


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