Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Green Sunfish Extravaganza!

Emalie and I made it out to a new spot in Frisco, not too far from Ikea. Its a small series of interconnected ponds with fountains in the middle. It has steeply sloping grassy areas and some nice landscaping with cypress and other bushes.

We got there rigged up and 2 minutes in Emalie has the best fish of the day and I have a distant runner up!

Emalie's beast:
Huge green Sunfish!
My only respectable fish of the evening
Green sunfish

We managed to catch around 40 fish total in a couple hours, but besides the two nice ones early on, they were all about 2-inches in length! Its like we caught momma and pappa and all their progeny. It was a good time.

On firday I went out to Mckinny pretty late in the evening and right before sundown I caught a few blue gill and a couple of these guys, can't tell if they are hybrids or not:

Heading to Costa Rica on Sunday!

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