Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Saturday @ the Paluxy

Well memorial weekend was a blast!

On Saturday morning she and I droev down to the Paluxy, shrouded in rain as it was, and began wading up stream from the "Blue Hole" at Dinosaur Valley State Park. I felt like Frodo every time we passed the bend to leave behind the screaming children because the clouds would start to thunder and menace us. Seriously, every time we moved up stream it would start to rain and thunder! Like we were hitting an invisible tripwire in the river!

Well eventualy we did make it up to a section we had not visited before.
These guys love wooly boogers!
Parachute pants are comming back!
green sunfish in 3...2....1.....
Thats what you drove so far for!!?
Thats it?
A lil bass is better than no bass
lil bass
well hello there!

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