Thursday, May 21, 2009

Lunch break Flies

Just got back from my lunch break which I used to drop in on Shawn at the Orivs Dallas store. The wifey and I are heading to the Paluxy on saturday and I wanted some new flies to try out on the Greenies down that way.

Last time we were there it was a blast. The sheer number of carp, bass and Bluegill will amaze you. Its awsome to stand still in the water and see 5 foot gar cruise by. From what I could tell Green sunfish and Longears seem to be the predominant sunfishes in the river. Its cool to see a Greenie latch onto a woolly booger that a Bluegill would just peck at.

Here are a couple shots from our last trip to the Paluxy:

Largemouth Bass
Lagemouth Bass
Green Sunfish on the paluxy
Casting the Paulxy
Hopefully the water is as low and as clear as it was last month!
I can't wait to take some pics of Emalie and her 4wt in action!

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