Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Another Busy Weekend

Saturday I went fishing on Elm Fork Below Ray Roberts, Not much luck besides a few sunfish and some cats...
Elmforkoct2 053
Elmforkoct2 018
Elmforkoct2 014
Elmforkoct2 050
Sunday Dad, Sam and I went to Six-O ranch, where Sam caught his first fish ever!
SixOoct3 009
SixOoct3 016
SixOoct3 048
a friend gave my dad this goofy little rod, It did the trick!
After that we went to the Paluxy in Glen Rose and dad caught the best fish of the day..
Paluxyoct3 010
Yesterday I was out at the Wed Child Golf Tourny, Where I was a sponsor... Got to spend some time with the likes of Bill Bates and Timmy Newsome!
Wed Chil Golf 009
Lots of fun and a great cause...


  1. Jonathan
    Got a question--at what water temp do you put the surface flies away for this year. I am going Saturday and was going to use some poppers in water temps 70.

  2. Im not sure what temp. But after misquitos are no longer a problem, gnat hatches are absent and you can't see any frogs, then is a pretty good time to start going deeper. I think below 70 and the top water bite, for bluegills atleast, starts to diminish. If your unsure, try a popper dropper rig, the fish will tell you what they like!

  3. You know they actually make a fly rod like that crazy little springy rod your dad is using!
    http://www.emmrod.com/index.cfm?page=products.cfm&cat=byModel&model=Stream Master
    Next time we're fishing somewhere remind me to bring "The Coathanger", It's a flyrod I modeled after one of those, no reel, half a line, and a sock for the grip

  4. Beautiful sunfish... and great tasting too! =)

    Thanks for sharing.

    The Average Joe Fisherman