Tuesday, June 29, 2010

California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas or: Burning Freezing Fishing

Emalie and I left on Thursday afternoon for L.A., after arriving we dined with my sister and her husband and then hit the road for an amazing 1800 mile drive back to Dallas.
Roadtrip 001
Viva Lost Wages!
Roadtrip 002
Damn Hoover Dam
Roadtrip 003
We had plenty of kicks...
Roadtrip 004
Pretty Damn Grand
Roadtrip 005
Everything but the Fruity Pebbles
Roadtrip 006
Emalie made quite the Impact on Arizona
Roadtrip 007
These were everywhere, and awesome
Roadtrip 008
So basically the Paleo-Indians were a bunch of vandals...
Roadtrip 010
Preparing for war!
Roadtrip 027
The Pecos River, near Windy Bridge
Roadtrip 023
What can brown do for you?
Roadtrip 012
Emalie was disappointed that they didn't actually poop gold.
Roadtrip 017
Look at that face....
Roadtrip 036
Why not cliff dive into 81 feet of freezing death?

All in all it was a great trip.

We arrived home about 2pm on yesturday and seeing as we had some day light:
Roadtrip 041
Roadtrip 045
Roadtrip 074
Roadtrip 062
Roadtrip 065
Roadtrip 083
Thanks for the new flies Ric!

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  1. Jonathan looks like you and your wife had a great time. The Pecos is awesome I don't even have to catch a fish there--just being there is enough. I mailed your flies today, and I think you will like both patterns. I have caught large numbers of gills on both. Have a good one Bill