Monday, March 29, 2010

A Good Weekend

Saturday and Sunday were warm and windy here in N. Tejas....

I went out to a pond in Garland where I had previously caught a number of small bass, hoping to catch an elusive Warmouth...

I didn't manage a Warmouth, but I had a good time and caught a total of 7 nice bass...





This is a pretty neat pond, Brian D. a fellow poster on told me about it originally. I came to find out about it after replying to a post where he asked for help identifying a fish ( a Warmouth) that he caught there last fall.

On saturday I was approached by a homeowner and we struck up a conversation and he informed me that when they were first filling up the pond they sucked water through a 4" pipe from the nearby creek. If I am not mistaken the creek White Rock Creek, the same creek they damed to White Rock Lake in Dallas. That beign a natural creek, and the Warmouth being a native fish not usually stocked by TPW may account for it being present in the pond. A 4" pipe would make a nice highway for a fingerling Sunfish.

Late sunday afternoon I revisited the pond behind the Church across the street an hooked 4 more small bass and a blue gill.


It is a really nice pond that extends into what appears to be an oxbow of the main creek that runs through the area.
Nice view of a clouser tied for me by Gene Bethea, he can also be found on

Thanks for looking! Tight Lines!

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