Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Hello dear followers!

I have been away since 2011.  Lets see....whats new....

I am a dad!  My son is nearly 2 years old and severely curtails my fishing time.  Though, I have to say its totally worth it.

I went to Alaska in 2012 and 2013....slayed them.  In March I spent a week in the Amazon catching Peacocks and other strange things.  I have done some fishing North and East Texas as well.

I also went very bald!
I promise to update this with some more pics soon.  I may be going after some bowfin this weekend.
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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

That time of year...

I am looking out my window on the 49th floor. It is raining, which is awesome. I love winter. I hope its brutal. I am looking forward to more Pickerel fishing, going after some Crappies, and hunting season.

I thought I would post some more pictures from Alaska, back in June...


Monday, November 7, 2011

Victory At Last

I left Dallas about 5:30 on Saturday and headed East to Daingerfield. MY goal was to finally wash off the stink of 3 years of failure...

daingNov5th (2)
daingNov5th (5)
daingNov5th (15)
daingNov5th (18)
daingNov5th (21)
They don't like each other...
daingNov5th (25)
daingNov5th (27)

Today was a good day...

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

We now return to your regularly scheduled programming...

Hello dear readers!

I have been away for about a month due to travel, work, and family life!

But I am back, with a few finny exploits to share, skillful extracted from the jaws of a hot...depressing...drought sticken summer.

Back around the beginning of October, me and the Misses visited the Frio and Llano rivers.
Looking fine boo...Work that BVK baby....Emalie in the Llano

Nice Cichlid


I caught a bass!

Another Rio

The Frio outside of Leakey


the Wilson's bass bully is a great LMB fly


Bustin' Lips

Emalie taking photos with her fisheye lens...

I took my friend Eric and his son Aiden fishing out at SIX-O last weekend...
Aiden was the MVP, but they both caught their personal best Blue gills...

The draught has effected almost every lake I visit...

More to come this weekend!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Monday, August 15, 2011

Pretty Much Epic

I left Emalie snoozing in bed around 4am on Saturday.

By the time I was passing through Downtown Dallas it was raining and my joy was mixed with the worry that it would screw up my fishing...

I arrived in Athens about an hour and 45 minutes later and was pushing the john boat, sans motor, into the drink about 6:30.

I was fishing a boogle bug popper with a #12 Surveyor Nymph w/tungsten head and after that got lost I switched to a #12 Silver Lightning Bug.

ClementsAug13th (89)
Red Spot Sunfish on a psych prince
ClementsAug13th (91)
ClementsAug13th (97)
ClementsAug13th (103)
ClementsAug13th (4)
Gill Zilla
ClementsAug13th (14)
ClementsAug13th (22)
ClementsAug13th (27)
Nice Native Strain Bluegill
ClementsAug13th (31)
ClementsAug13th (41)
ClementsAug13th (44)
ClementsAug13th (48)
ClementsAug13th (53)
Wedged my self here
ClementsAug13th (54)
Caught fish there
ClementsAug13th (55)

Fed a gator...
ClementsAug13th (72)
ClementsAug13th (82)
ClementsAug13th (81)
ClementsAug13th (84)

Sunday Emalie and I visited the Folks and she caught some little bluegills in the neighborhood...
Coppellaug14th (4)

Friday, August 12, 2011

More from Alaska

I am heading out to East Texas this weekend, hopefully I will have some nice gillPorn to post early next week...

Until then, enjoy some Pike!

Pat with Floater
My buddy Pat getting out of the float plane on Alexia Lake
Pat with ipke
His Biggest Snot Rocket
Here there be monsters
How come I can catch a dozen of these, but I can't catch a cahin pickerel for the life of me!?
PIke 5
Big Shallow Lake
Gotta love the Tyger Wire!
Pats first pike
Way to go Pasqual!